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Darren Woodall
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Flow Control in RC Empty Flow Control in RC

on Thu Mar 29, 2012 4:47 am
Hi all,

Please help me out before I jack consider jacking this in! :-/

I have written a number of test suites in the IDE which all run fine. They use commands like If, else, gotolabel etc. The IDE is using a userextensions.js that I put together based on a consolidation of a number of extensions I found on the net like Include, DataDriven, Sideflow, gotosel_ide etc.

I have a slightly different userextensions.js file for use with selenium-server-standalone-2.nn.n.jar with an RC compatible version of Include and goto_sel08.js.

Anyway, when I run the standalone server I get the testrunner windows up, my suite is loaded and it happily starts to run the tests. However, whenever I hit flow control based commands I just get "Unknown Command: 'If'" and "Unknown Command: 'gotolabel'" etc etc.

What in heaven's name do I have to do to sort this? I have spent hours and days resesearching this to no avail Crying or Very sad and am beyond desperate now.

I tried to attach my userextensions.js just incase it's of any use but it wouldn't let me. I did throw it together with NO javascript knowledge. Actually, has anyone got a well-rounded userextensions.js which contains all the best and working extensions rather than me just keep trawling the internet hour after hour looking for extensions I can merge myself - I think my wife's about to file for divorce!!

Any help very gratefully recieved!

Many thanks

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