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Tough element to locate, need help

on Sat Jun 23, 2012 1:07 pm
I have seen the posts on using XPATh to locate dynamic elements. However, I have not seen anyone with a problem like this:

I am trying to click on a link that expands and collapses a div area. The image is named dynamically for example on the first page load the image for this icon will be named img_24, but when I refresh, the name changes to img_32. There are a number of these icons on a page, each associated with a gadget. So, when img_24 changes to img_32, it will now open a different gadget on the page. Can XPATH be used to locate an element using 2 test, one for the title of the gadget (which is constant) and a 2nd for the pattern matching for img_??

XPath: //button[starts-with(@id, 'img_')] AND //text in the same frame[starts-with('Gadget Number 10')]
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Re: Tough element to locate, need help

on Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:54 pm
I'm pretty sure Selenium allows you to "pipe" in a format similar to (using your example)

XPath: //button[starts-with(@id, 'img_')] | //button[starts-with('Gadget Number 10')]

Not exactly sure if that is the correct statement but I would suggest looking up the usage of " | " in Selenium.

Example from W3schools.

//book/title | //book/price Selects all the title AND price elements of all book elements
//title | //price Selects all the title AND price elements in the document
/bookstore/book/title | //price Selects all the title elements of the book element of the bookstore element AND all the price elements in the document.

Hope this helps some.

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