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Selenium Rc on CentOS

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Selenium Rc on CentOS

Post by SQA on Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:06 pm

I run my selenium Rc code on the CentOS machine, and it gives me the custom firefox profile error
Can any one help me see below error:

12:25:55.736 INFO - Preparing Firefox profile...
Error: cannot open display: :0
12:26:21.823 ERROR - Failed to start new browser session, shutdown browser and clear all session data
java.lang.RuntimeException: Timed out waiting for profile to be created!
at org.openqa.selenium.server.browserlaunchers.FirefoxChromeLauncher.waitForFullProfileToBeCreated(
at org.openqa.selenium.server.browserlaunchers.FirefoxChromeLauncher.populateCustomProfileDirectory(
at org.openqa.selenium.server.browserlaunchers.FirefoxChromeLauncher.launch(
at org.openqa.selenium.server.browserlaunchers.FirefoxChromeLauncher.launchRemoteSession(
at org.openqa.selenium.server.browserlaunchers.FirefoxLauncher.launchRemoteSession(
at org.openqa.selenium.server.BrowserSessionFactory.createNewRemoteSession(
at org.openqa.selenium.server.BrowserSessionFactory.getNewBrowserSession(
at org.openqa.selenium.server.BrowserSessionFactory.getNewBrowserSession(
at org.openqa.selenium.server.SeleniumDriverResourceHandler.getNewBrowserSession(
at org.openqa.selenium.server.SeleniumDriverResourceHandler.doCommand(
at org.openqa.selenium.server.SeleniumDriverResourceHandler.handleCommandRequest(
at org.openqa.selenium.server.SeleniumDriverResourceHandler.handle(
at org.openqa.jetty.http.HttpContext.handle(
at org.openqa.jetty.http.HttpContext.handle(
at org.openqa.jetty.http.HttpServer.service(
at org.openqa.jetty.http.HttpConnection.service(
at org.openqa.jetty.http.HttpConnection.handleNext(
at org.openqa.jetty.http.HttpConnection.handle(
at org.openqa.jetty.http.SocketListener.handleConnection(
at org.openqa.jetty.util.ThreadedServer.handle(
at org.openqa.jetty.util.ThreadPool$
12:26:21.839 INFO - Got result: Failed to start new browser session: Error while launching browser on session null


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Re: Selenium Rc on CentOS

Post by tarun3kumar on Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:27 pm

Looks like CentOS does not have any display. Does it?
You may need Xvfb to execute tests on headless mode.
This post of mine might help -

Tarun K
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