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New User Extenstions regarding webtable testing.

on Sun Nov 22, 2009 10:11 pm
Hi Guys,

I have developed some new user extension to test web table which is not possible from basic commands. so, for you I have develop some and I'm sure this will help u guys to test your applications.

Note: This user extension is working fine in IDE but I have not tested in RC. It contains one function which will be run only in RC because it returns multi dimensional array.

This user extension contains the following functions:
1. StoreTableColumnNumberText:
This function store text of column from the table. This is useful to verify the table column header. The result will be store into variable.

How to use command:

* [info] Executing:|storeTableColumnNumberText | memberlist|8 | text |
* [info] Executing: |type | username | ${text} |
* [info] Executing: |assertTableColumnNumberText | memberlist|8 | Website |

Note: pipeline(|) is used as separator. Like: tableID|columnNumber

2. StoreTableColumnsNumber:
This function store total number of columns contain in a table. The result will be store into variable.

How to use command:

* [info] Executing: |storeTableColumnsNumber | memberlist | col |
* [info] Executing: |type | username | ${col} |
* [info] Executing: |assertTableColumnsNumber | memberlist | 8 |

3. StoreTableRowsNumber:

This function store total number of rows contain in a table excluding its header row which contains title. The result
will be store into variable.

How to use command:

* [info] Executing: |storeTableRowsNumber |memberlist | row |
* [info] Executing: |type | username |${row} |
* [info] Executing: |assertTableRowsNumber| memberlist | 50 |

4. StoreWebTableInArray:
This function stores web table in array on the basis of number of rows and column.This method will useful to verify web table on the browser. This will give you webtable stored into array from browser.

@param locator an element locator pointing to an webTable id on the browser*
@return string[][] returns a multidimensional array on the basis of table.

NOTE: This function only be use through RC not through IDE.

How to use command:
This is to be used in java through RC or depends on the language which u are using

String[ ][ ] webTableArray = selenium. getWebTableInArray(tableLocator);

HOPE! This will help you solve the webtable testing problem little bit. Soon you will get few more functions to ease
your testing through selenium.

DOWNLOAD FROM THIS LINK file/h2mwlzjykkj/WebTable_Related_userExtension.rar

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