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How to recognise controls inside tabNavigator of Flex application while testing in Selenium.

on Wed Jan 13, 2010 6:17 pm
I am trying to automate test cases but have encountered the following problem. My application is in Flex and i am writing the test cases in C# and testing the same in NUnit Framework using Selenium. In the application there are three tabs inside the tabNavigator and i have to perform "Click" operation on these tabs in order to check the navigation functionality.I have written a function "doFlexClick" in .as file which reqires the ID of the contol in order to perform the specified operation that is "Click" in this case. Even after giving ids to all the tabs in Flex code, at run time the Flex Application doesnt show the given ids, only tabNavigator is displayed, due to which my "doFlexClick" is unable to perform the specified task as it doesnt get the ids of the controls(tabs).

Can anybody suggest me a fix for the above mentioned problem.
Thanks in advance.
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