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selenium test workflows, what about my way to develop and perform test?

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selenium test workflows, what about my way to develop and perform test?

Post by isidoro80 on Fri Mar 12, 2010 8:22 pm

Hello everybody.

I am Davide i would love congratulate with you about this usefull forum

I am a tester of webapps, normaly i test with QTP but i don t like it that much
i am really interested starting with selenium but i am not too good in programming or source development
so i am here to ask you some questions to know if it is possible organize my workflow with selenium in this way:

I would like using selenium ide for register some simple action on my web app (like login, filling my first form page, filling my second form page, commond button ecc ecc) .
Then my idea would be execute these actions in a specific sequence with selenium rc , i read some documentation and i see that it is possible run on selenium rc the tests registered on selenium ide and organize them in session
is it not?
Then when i will have prepareted my action lists on selenium rc and configureed it to run them with internet explorer (i read it is possible)
next step would be made my simple action be able to accept parameters so i can run my list of tests many times with different parameterrs. i read it is possible run tests on selenium rc with parameeters using xml files or other type of files too, probably with xls (like with qtp)it would be a little difficult but possible.
To run tests and manage the parameters files now i use vb script files and function with qtp but with selenium i would try use java
my questions:
1do you think it is possible run on seleniumm rc the test registered in selenium ide??
2if yes do you think it would be usefull or it would be easer develop test directly in java or on other languege supported by selenium rc?
3do you think it will be a good idea organize my workflow in small simple actions that i can organize in a sequence: i ask that because my application is often updated and i would like reuse my action registeing again only the action that were updated and not all the sequence everytime and not have to repeat the registration for every different testcase?
4 do you think it will be really difficult using parameters to run same test with different parameeters a lot of times?

I thank you for your answwers and help and i apologize for the long topic

thank you


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Re: selenium test workflows, what about my way to develop and perform test?

Post by Adviser on Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:13 pm


First of all welcome to this forum. It's good to hear that now you choose to shift from qtp to selenium. But I want to tell you that it's not easy to switch, you will feel after some time that QTP is so easy but that's why it cost so much. But I am sure that you learned a lot in selenium than QTP.

For your all questions answer is yes. everything is possible. It will depend on your logical and thinking approach. Programming skills is must for such type of tool at least intermediate level. You have to learn java and java script to get full advantage of it.

But don't worry. After working 1 month you will get confidence. Just start from simple script on IDE and then move to RC. Read tutorials and archives present in this forum to learn fast.

If you feel any problem, lots of people here to solve your problems but don't dishearten if you stuck in something or don't get reply fast. you will get answer faster than any other forum.

Best of luck and start recording some execute, rerun, modified it and see the difference.


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