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Selenium Help color text

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Selenium Help color text

Post by yuvaaa2002 on Wed Mar 31, 2010 12:25 am

1.How to scroll page using selenium with TCL

I am already workwith KeyPress,typeKeys using char key code //35 & //
34 its not working.Please advice me how to go about that

Se keyPress "piddlsiteuser_country" "\35"
Se windowFocus
after 5000
Se keyPress "//input\[@id='piddl_selfurl' and @name='piddl_selfurl'
and @value=''\]" "\\35"
after 5000
Se focus "piddlsiteuser_didAgreement"
after 5000
Se focus "button"
after 5000
Se focus "piddlsiteuser_username"
after 5000

mouse actions not reflect in the web pages.please clarify the reasons

2.How to do keyBoard shortcuts using slenium
Se controlKeyDown
Se keyPress "piddl_selfurl" "\70"
Se controlKeyUp
after 5000
Se controlKeyDown
Se typeKeys "piddl_selfurl" "\\70"
Se controlKeyUp

this command also not working.please help me about this problem

3.How to handle Tabbed pane & Tree using selenium with TCL

I already work with div Id & table flows like that
Se click "//tr\[1]/td/div\[1]"
after 5000
Se click "//tr\[2]/td/div\[1]"

its working fine.But based on image id its not working.please help me
about this problem
4.How to get tooltip using selenium & TCL to change color text in selenium

6.How to handle mouse action ,context Menu in selenium

please help me for those issues


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