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How to handle date and time in a web page Empty How to handle date and time in a web page

on Sun Apr 11, 2010 2:11 pm
Hi all,

am at beginner level in selenium IDE, very happy to joined in to this forum, please some one answer the following scenarios in Selenium IDE based.

My scenarios are :

how to handle the following in my webpage:

1. ex(text displayed in web page): April 05th, 2010 (this is dynamic how to verify this,)

2. 15 minutes age, 20 days ago, 2 months ago, (how to handle time)

3. Item #: 123Asde2 (number is dynamic - alpha numeric)

4. how to use regular expressions (what type of scenario's I can use regular expression)

5. How to store test results/test suites in particular directory (ex: i want to store the results in c:\)

6. how to capture the every test (verify text present) as a png file in a particular directory for a single test script /test suite.

7. how to verify button is enabled or disabled state.

8. In my current web page I have 3 sign in link at different location ( I want to verify a particular link in a particular locn - how to handle this)

9. my web page has inner frame like (horizontal and vertical scroll bar) how to handle horizontal / vertical scroll bar.

10. give me some example how to write user-extension.js ( I want to verify some cookies and other elements present in a view source page)
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