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Selecting list of names on web page

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Selecting list of names on web page

Post by seanog1983 on Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:54 pm


I am using Selenium with Firefox to create a Test Case which logs onto a web page and selects a list of Customers. 

Each customer when clicked on displays a list of users. Currently i am selecting each customer and displaying the list of users. The list is quiet long and so the test case for this has alot of same info just been listed line after line. 

Is there a way i can just select the first Customer and then use a loop to display the rest of the customers?


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Re: Selecting list of names on web page

Post by ccox on Fri Sep 13, 2013 5:17 am

Yes, you will either first need to download a user-extensions.js file with flow control or install the IDE flow control add in. This will give you the while and endWhile functions. If you specifically need to click on a user's name, create an array and click each user from the array.  Otherwise if you just need to go through all the users in the dropdown, then you can select by the index in which your loop is using.

store |0 | i
while ${i}<numOfUsers
select | id=dropdownName | index=${i}
Do whatever actions/assertions you need to
store | javascript{storedVars.i++}


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