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verifyText Empty verifyText

on Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:52 am

I only recently downloaded Selenium and on first impression it looks great! I'm unable to find any detailed information on Selenium so I am really
struggling to find out what's possible for not.

I'm trying to verify text and IF it is equal to 5> then a message box or some sort of alert appears that displays some text from the web page and has two buttons, one that would click a button on the web page & the other would cancel the alert and continue on with the rest of the script.

The idea is to scroll through a drop down list. Check whether X is 5> IF true then it would display more detail within the alert and allow me to click Ok, which would click a button on the web page OR cancel, which would close the alert and continue to scroll through the drop down.

I'm not sure what is possible with Selenium, may be my project is to much. Any info / help would be awesome!

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