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Request to investigate what is possible Empty Request to investigate what is possible

on Thu Jun 12, 2014 6:58 pm

My question is going to be long because I want to provide details on the system that I'd like to automate and I'm not sure what is possible to do with Webdriver. I currently gather requirements and what proportion of tasks can be automated and I'd like you to provide with yes or no if it's possible.

My company deals with cv parsing software and usually testing is done this way:

We have a system of loading candidates to the Database on a client machine to which I connect using Kitty or Putty.

First step is to automate login by extracting username and password from the confidential web files and inputting them into login box. I managed to do that, it's quite easy.

After that, I need to click Browse button which pops up a window to navigate to folder with CVs. I found that it is possible to do by using absolute path to files which on windows would be like 'C:\\CVs\\Testing\\CV-(insert number here)' and use send_keys method to load it. Loading phase is variable, sometimes it takes up to one minute if computer is slow to load CV.

There are several status messages that can be received. 'Failed to load' - something is wrong with loading service which is not my responsibility. 'Failed to extract' - extraction engine problems. 'Successfully loaded' - the CV is loaded and it will have candidate's name and two buttons 'Validate' and 'Info' ; Validate will take you to new page with form like fields that are populated by extracting information from the CV: name, surname, marital status, address, postcodes etc. Here, I would like to scan loaded CV which will be in html format and compare the extracted fields to CV content. If there is something not extracted, the test must fail, record the CV name to text file. To get back to loading page, I need to click exit button which will take me back to loading screen and that browse button, where it will proceed the same way as before loading different CVs from the folder one after the other.

The system that Cvs are loaded to is called Resource management system where all information captured in one system will be seen on RMS. To access it, I'd have to login with the login form(easily done) and then search a candidate by his name or ID. Then click on the candidate to reveal all info about him/her. Here, the records loaded must be checked against the data loaded in system in above paragraph. If there is lack of info, wrongly parsed data, then the test must fail and inform which fields are not exactly the same.

The problem is that RMS is in a different tab in a browser and thus might require another instance of webdriver? We have systems that are not web based and are loaded on remote desktop on client's machine which are of course not possible to automate.

Can anyone give me ideas on how to accomplish all of this and whether it is even possible.
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