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VBA Macro for already open Firefox(with installed Selenium)

on Thu Apr 30, 2015 10:42 pm

I am new in Selenium.

Is there someone who could help me with this?

This time I am using Firefox (with installed Selenium) with already opened Website titled "All Incoming Work Requests". I also have Activity ID's on excel column A and Employee numbers on excel column B.

Column A        Column B
1-14VOW19    ACAB3024
1-14VPK3E      ACAB3007
1-14VPJP9      ACAB3008
1-14VR0NX     ACATB3017
1-14VP388     ACATB3013

What I want to do is,

1. Click the Query button (button id="s_1_1_21_0_Ctrl") on the website.
(Then wait for the site to be completely loaded. Approx 1-2 seconds to load)
2. Copy the 1st Activity ID on excel Column A.
3. Select the Activity ID field on the website (input id="1_Activity_Id") and paste the Activity ID that was copied from excel.
4. Copy the 1st Employee number on excel Column B.
5. Select the Owner field on the website (input id="1_Owned_By") and paste the Employee number that was copied from excel.
6. Then click the GO button on the website (button id="s_1_1_20_0_Ctrl") so that the Activity ID will be assigned to the employee.
(Then wait for the site to be completely loaded. Approx 1-2 seconds to load)
7. Again back to step number 1 and loop this process until all the data on column A and column B are done.

This will be use for Dispatching Works automatically. This process consumes so much time and effort on manually assigning more than a hundred of Activity IDs daily.

Hoping to here from you.

Thanks a lot!
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