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Website keeps thinking I am logging in from a different computer

on Fri May 06, 2016 9:12 pm

I am using the selenium webdriver to connect to a website, log in, and save a web page using VBA.  

This particular website keeps track of the location you log in from and wont allow more than one computer to connect per day.

Even though I use the same computer, the website thinks that I am connecting from another source.

The way i connect is 
    driver.Start "chrome", "mywebsite"
    driver.Open "mywebsite"
    ' code to log in
    ' code to save web page html

This is done each time I connect (so it does start a new chrome session each time).

Upon my second connect, my login gets rejected since it thinks i've already logged in from another computer.

My computer has a static IP (confirmed as well by connecting to mybrowserinfo dot com/ using the above code several times, each returning the same IP.

Any idea why the host that I am connecting to thinks I am using another machine?
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