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Issuing mouseDownAt(locator, "0,0") & mouseUpAt(locator, "0,0") clicks the Button twice, while issuing mouseDown(locator) and mouseUp(locator) clicks the Button once

on Thu Feb 03, 2011 3:12 am
Hi all,

I am seeing a strange behavior when I change our click implementation from using mouseDown(locator) and mouseUp(locator) to mouseDownAt(locator, "0,0") & mouseUpAt(locator, "0,0").

Basically, I am testing a button click, where if button is clicked, a form will be invoked. It works just fine with mouseDown and mouseUp, but it invokes 2 forms if I am using mouseDownAt and mouseUpAt.

Below are the tests that I have done using mouseDownAt and mouseUpAt:
1. Only issue mouseDownAt, result is: The Button is always pressed, but never released --> No form is invoked.
2. Only issue mouseUpAt, result is: Nothing happens
3. Issue both mouseDownAt and mouseUpAt with coordinate (0,0), (half the button's width, half the button's height), result is: 2 new forms are invoked

Any idea why this happens? Thanks.
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