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Help with one driver instance across multiple tests Empty Help with one driver instance across multiple tests

on Sat May 14, 2011 12:45 am
I'm using TestNG and Selenium 2 to test my companies web application. I want to use one global instance of driver, so a new browser does not have to be opened every test. I was able to get this to work in Selenium 1, although everything in Selenium 1 took a lot more work Smile


class {
global driver;

method initDriver() {
if(driver == null) {
driver = new FirefoxDriver();

method teardownDriver() {

method testPage1() {
//screenshot page1

method testPage2() {
//navigate from page 1 to page 2
driver.find(byid).sendKeys(login); //fails here because element does not exist

//screenshot page 2

So it fails on the find element by id. I know its the right ID. If I move that line into the first test it sets the field just fine. Is it possible to have it work like this?

EDIT: Wow sorry, I had it all tabbed out, but it didnt keep the format Sad
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