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Selenium Tests with Opera not clicking buttons Empty Selenium Tests with Opera not clicking buttons

on Fri Jul 29, 2011 4:02 pm
Hi all,

I recently started with Selenium and so far so good. I only have one issue which I'm not too sure what to do with. With Opera 10, the click commands that would submit forms and so forth do not work, I'm using something like this:

page.click "css=#postcode-container > input[type=submit]"

There's a work around to this, where I would do something like this:

page.focus "css=#postcode-container > input[type=submit]"
page.key_press_native "10"

I don't particular like this but the main problem it won't work with anything else but IE and Opera.

Any ideas? I'm running Selenium server 2.1.0 with Ruby selenium-client on Windows 7 x64.
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