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Selenium IDE not recording Dijit Combo Values

on Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:23 pm
I have an application which uses Dijit Combobox. What happens is, I
click on the cell. It opens up a dropdown. This is getting properly
recorded in the IDE. But, when I choose a value from the drop down, IDE
is not recording that part.

Here is the firebug screenshot of the combo box that appears on
clicking on the cell. As you can see it has two values cm2 and mat1. I
need the IDE code to choose either of these values.

I tried something like

click - //div[@id='csi_table_Widget_5']/div[2]/table/tbody/tr/td[11]
This works fine for opening the drop down.

click - //div[@id='widget_csi_widget_FilteringSelect_10_dropdown']/ul/li[4]
This does not work for choosing a value from the drop down.

Any help, please?
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Re: Selenium IDE not recording Dijit Combo Values

on Tue Sep 13, 2011 6:57 pm

Try to use this xpath
//li[@class='className'and @role='option']

change className as real one.

Click|//li[@class='className'and @role='option']|value=cm2
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