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how to find whether page get generated or not

on Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:26 pm
Hi All,

i wanna know that whether SELENIUM has implemented internal wait method or not in latest version

recently i have used new automation tool like Sahi, in this tool i observed that after clicking any link we need not to write any wait or sync methods to wait until page get redirected/ generated

sahi automation tool was implemented internal wait method to know whether page get generated or not

for example"link=Selenium - Web Browser Automation");
selenium.type("id=lst-ib", "selenium");

for above example after i click the link the page will redirected to another page, here i need to enter the text in text box

in SELENIUM i have to verify whether the page is redirected to next page or not
once the page is redirected to next page then only i can enter the text in textfield

if page still in progress even the time which i have given for sync or wait, then the next line will execute even page is not yet generated then we will get error page

but we dont have this problem in sahi automation tool, it will check for the page get generated or not,

until page get redirected to next page it will not execute to next step, so there is no chance to fail our script in sahi automation tool

like this sahi tool, does SELENIUM is having any internal wait method to wait until page get redirected/ generated in latest version

please let me know if there is any internal wait method process in latest SELENIUM versions
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