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Alternate to getEval("window.document.readyState") Empty Alternate to getEval("window.document.readyState")

on Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:01 pm

Need a method that wait till my page is loaded(all images,texts and all). window.document.readyState(javascript method) waits till all DOM object is loaded. I searched on net and found out a method window.onload and window.load but it didn't work as it was returning null.

My Code: Selenium RC using PHP

$total_wait = 3;
$this->max_load_time = 120;

while($total_wait <= $this->max_load_time && $this->getEval("window.document.readyState") <> "complete")

In this case what happens is I get $this->getEval("window.document.readyState") == "complete" even before my objects like image and text is loaded because of which it doesn't enter into the loop and starts executing next statement(and eventually fail).

I don't want to use 'Sleep' as the page takes different amount of time to load.

Thanks in advance!!!!
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