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Locating by name attribute where name contains a space

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Locating by name attribute where name contains a space

Post by Aceboss on Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:51 pm

Hi folks, I'm new to Selenium. I'm using Selenium IDE and attempting to verifyAttribute with a target of name= which works fine when the name attribute contains no spaces, but it fails to find the element when a space is contained in the name.


verifyAttribute | Something@class | foo

works fine, but

verifyAttribute | Some thing@class | foo

does not.

I'm unable to use the ID attribute for the locator (since the ID can vary), or change the names associated with the elements (some of which contain spaces, some of which do not).
Is there any method (e.g. escaping the space or using regex or glob) by which I can locate an element by the name where a space is contained within the name?



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