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TestNG / Ant Help Empty TestNG / Ant Help

on Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:39 pm
Hi Guys,

I'm somewhat new to programming as a whole but have a question or two to ask on the topic above which im hoping you can help with Smile

Basically I've been using Eclipse/ JAVA / Selenium Webdriver to build some basic automated tests for our website. These have been testing things like login/forgotten password at present just to break me in gently! I have then decided (due to the fact that there was no reporting on my tests) that I would use TESTNG which has then obviously broke the tests down into manageable chunks, and also given me reports detailing pass/fail of each method I have put a "@Test" on.

At present i'm running these tests inside of Eclipse. I would like to able to run these without loading up Eclipse though at some point, with the ability to be able to still have the tests run via TestNG with the reports coming out still. Basically I would like everything as it is at present, just not running from inside of Eclipse IDE!

Could someone give me some guidance on where i can go from here...? I've looked at solutions such as Ant? and running it within a command line, but am still confused if it is the best way forward.

Thanks for any help in advance
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TestNG / Ant Help Empty Re: TestNG / Ant Help

on Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:59 pm
just a quick reply - watch this free video to get a feel for what this will take:

Basically, the approach is that your Java/eclipse/ TestNG work is developed first, then an Ant 'action' file (build.xml) is made. It is run externally via command line and can be incorporated into a continuous integration process via Maven for example.

I hope this helps, -Phil
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