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on Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:52 pm
Hi Guys,

Need some help from you all.

I am trying to user browserbot to get control of windows DOM object model.

When I am working with IDE, things are working fine. However when I am saving the same on ruby script, on executing it is giving me error as:
Failed assertion, no message given.

Let me quote the Part of the code made through the IDE here:
getEval | this.browserbot.getUserWindow().concatStrings("Selenium","IDE")
verifyAlert | SeleniumIDE

And below is the part of Script when I export the above code in Ruby (Test:: Unit)

assert_equal "SeleniumIDE", @selenium.get_alert
rescue Test::Unit::AssertionFailedError
@verification_errors << $!

On executing this script, error obtained is "Failed assertion, no message given."

I am not sure what this @selenium.get_alert is doing. From where it is fetching the alert as in this script is not calling browser DOM object model to get control of it and I am not getting any such kind of stuff in selenium RDoc etc..

Can any one suggest how to include browserbot in the script.

Mrityunjay Chauhan

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