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How to verify all element present in application. Empty How to verify all element present in application.

on Tue Aug 11, 2009 12:33 pm

Suppose if you want to check your application link before start testing, you can do it with some commands present in RC. I am telling how to verify all links, button and input fields on the current page. I am telling you in java , convert into your familiar language which selenium support.

1. First open the main page of your application and wait to load page fully.
2. Now use the following command:
String AllButtonInApplicationArray[] = getAllButtons(); // this will store all button on current page into array.
String AllLinkInApplicationArray[] = getAllLinks(); //save the IDs of all links on the page.
String AllFieldsInApplicationArray[] = getAllFields(); //Returns the IDs of all input fields on the page.
3. Now declare your own array which contains the name/id of your element in another array.
4. finally compare all the arrays and set status on the basis of comparison.

So, by this way you can verify your all element of application.

Best of luck
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