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WebDriver hangs loading a page with an Applet Empty WebDriver hangs loading a page with an Applet

on Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:28 pm

I have encountered a strange issue when WebDriver attempts to navigate to a page with an Applet on it.
When WebDriver attempts to load the page with the applet in an tag it hangs for approximately 1 minute before rendering the page and moving on to the next step in the automation. If I manually move the mouse over screen whilst it is hung then the screen is rendered immediately and progresses as normal.

When I manually navigate through the pages I do not see this hanging and if I remove the applet from the page then it is rendered immediately.

This only seems to happen when using Firefox, not with Internet Explorer. It even happens if Java is disabled in the browser so it appears to be an issue with the downloading of the Java applet rather than with it's execution.

Has anyone seen this before or can supply a work around?

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