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PERL And Sel RC Empty PERL And Sel RC

on Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:19 am
I would like a selenium RC script for the locator for the box in the webscript below
and also a subsequent command to type a numerical value into the form.
I tried various options, but do not seem to work. The options I tried are given below.
I also tried Sel->submit() but was not sure of Form locators.
I am a newbie to writing sel scripts. I am using selenium here to automate configuring this webpage.
Sel RC + PERL Experts kindly help.
The subsequent command to set a button works,


$sel->type("name=mmb", $inp_del);

#$sel->type("xpath=//\@name='mmb' and \@value=''", $inp_del);
#$sel->type("xpath=//input[\@type='hidden' and \@value='']", $inp_del);
#$sel->type("//input[contains(\@name='mmb')] and \@value=''", $inp_del);
#$sel->type("xpath=//a[contains(\@type='hidden')]", $inp_del);
#$sel->type("xpath=//input[contains(\@name='mmb')] and \@type='hidden'", $inp_del);
#$sel->click("xpath=//input[contains(\@name='SetDataButton')] and \@type='submit'");

<TD class=elValue >

<FONT color=red>10FONT><BR><FONT style='font-size: 8pt;' color=#808080>0FONT>TD>


<FORM name="regset" method="GET" " action="dm.html" >

hidden" value="" name="mmb" >

button" value="Get" name="GetDataButton" OnClick="window.location.replace('?mmb=');" >

submit" value="Set" name="SetDataButton" >

Set to cache only:checkbox
" value="1" name="tohw" >

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