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At me a problem with rating testing Empty At me a problem with rating testing

on Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:46 am
Please help to realize the test a case.
Essence of a case (action) - need to test page where the rating of users is displayed, it is displayed for: Today, All Time, This Week. On page one hundred leaders on a rating is displayed. It is necessary to write a case which will test that all figures of a rating are various (aren't equal Today, All Time, This Week)

As I have understood, this task can be solved in several ways: the first to connect java a script which will be executed in selenium. A script essence: if value Today=All Time=This Week "false" etc. + I consider day of week, but here there was a problem that on id, I obtain only the data at present the certain user which I substitute in a script that to me doesn't approach. Also tried to substitute in All Time value This Week and so all one hundred, but has come to a conclusion that it is too bulky and possibly isn't correct. Prompt please that I do not so, and the most simple way of realization the case test

use outcome Selenium IDE+Selenium (RC) +Eclipce, and I write on Java in most Eclipce. Probably it is not so correct way because my outcome on autorun a case through IDE is based. If you should could prompt you the reference to competent article how to carry out assemblage with Selenium in my case
(At me time for realization hasn't enough). Sad Sad Sad page, where object of testing, object POINT LEADER BOARDS. In advance I thank you for the help
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