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Issue with HTML Escape code like  Empty Issue with HTML Escape code like

on Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:17 pm
I would be very much obliged if any one can help me with the following issue:

I’m testing a web application with sites on different local languages.
For one of my tests, I have to click on a menu item which I can only access by its description, (it has not a unique id)
selectProvince(String hotelProvince)"css=a:contains('" + hotelProvince + "')");

The menu Item is of following format: ProvinceName + “, “ + countryName

Sometimes either name could be compassed of two or more words.

If in the htlm page, those words are separated by normal space, my test works just fine, but in cases the space has been replaced by this escape code, In this case my test fails as not

Ayia'&'nbsp;Napa, Chipre
(99 hoteles)

For example one of May test looks for a description containing ‘Ayia Napa’

In one site it works just fine as a matching item is found.

But in the another site it fails because the description found is ‘Ayia'&'nbsp;\Napa’ which does not match the expected value. (please remove the ' in front and after &, added just to make scape code visible)

have spent more than a week doing research and trying to figure out how to format the expected value string to match what is on the site’s code, but have been unable to find the right solution.

I would appreciate if someone could help me with a working example.
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