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New user extension regarding wait and traverse in browser.

on Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:52 am
hi guys,

There is some more function in new user extension related to the sleep/wait and history. It contain the following functions:

1. Sleep :

This function will wait/sleep the thread for specified amount of time in milliseconds.

command use: sleep | 10000 | | \\wait for 10 sec

2. GoBackOnePage :

This function will simulate back button of browser. This will help user to go one page back.

command use: GoBackOnePage | | |

3. GoForwardOnePage:

This function will simulate forward button in browser after click on back button.This helfule if suer click on back button and want to go the forward page.

command use: GoForwardOnePage| | |

4. RandomNumber :

This function will give you rabdom number of any digit. This function will be
* useful where you want any arbitary number to fill in any field.
* @param number of digit random number you want.
* How it works:
* 1 = between 0-9 digit
* 11 = between 0-100 digit
* 111 = betwwen 0-1000 digit
* .
* .
* .
* work for around 20 or more ones's.

command use: StoreRandomNumber |111111111111 | variableName| // this will store random number of 12 digit into variable

5. LastTimeVisited:

* This function store the last visited date and time user visted the particular page. It is taking information from Cookies.
* The result will be store into variable.
* @param This variable will store the browser name.
* Provide the value in any Target/value options of IDE.

command use: StoreLastTimeVisited | | variableName|

Download this user extension from this link: file/eigncigz3u2/BasicFunctions_UserExtension.rar

Enjoy it.

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