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How could I pass datafile as parameter to dataProvider

on Thu Mar 08, 2012 6:46 pm
Could anyone please let me know how could i pass a data file path as parameter to (TestNG) DataProvider?

I've got the following DataProvider method, which I need to run for several test methods, but with specific data file for each one of them.

String testDat = "C\test\testData.xls"


@DataProvider(name = "testData")

public static Iterator<Object> testData() trows IOException


  arrayList<Object[]> excelData = new Arraylist<Object[]();

  excelData = testUtils.getTestData(dataPath);

  return excelData.listIterator;


I Nee to run this with different data files, currently the file path is harcoded into the dataprovider metod, therefore i have to repeat the method for each Test method.

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