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How to use Selenium IDE with tabular data and pagination?

on Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:34 pm
I used to record tests ion selenium IDE for after export in selenium/rspec formt to run all them with Selenium RC.
Now, I aquire a doubt when I was recording some test of crude operation of data in table with pagination.
For example, supose that I have a table of customers thats can show 10 itens per page and there nineteen customersin this table.
I record a test case for verify a creation of a new customer, the new
record created (for example the customer Barbosa) will be in the second
page and at twentiethposition(last position) of the customers'
table. For create a new customer this will be showing in the third page
and at first position (pagination with 10 itens per page).
If I want test to view, edit or delete the twentieth customer
(Barbosa) I will need record this test clicking in the link for the
second page of customers tableand there click in the link edit,
view or delete at the twentieth element of a table. But if more
customers are created and after this I run my test suite againonly
operation that still works in my test is create a new customer, because
view, edit and delete operations are linked with the fixed locations
(page 2, twentieth element)and for crete a new customer the
position of this element doesn't matter.For every test new customer
created will be show in a new position in the table.
In this kind of situation, there a way for always test the complete CRUD operation in the same record, guaranteed?
Or I need to use another tool?

Thanks so much for any advice

Bruno Moura
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Re: How to use Selenium IDE with tabular data and pagination?

on Thu Oct 01, 2009 10:50 am

What you are trying to do is select the specific record on any page and want to edit/delete/modify that record but you wnat to select exact data . there is not direct method in selenium through which you can do all this.

for this you need another function writeen in java/javascript and call into IDE as user extenstion.

What you will have to do is:
1. Store your table from browser into multi dimensional array.
2. provide you filter/search condition which anlaysis each row and where it will find , returns row number.
3. Now, go to that column of that row and clcik on link lik3 edit/delete/modift/create

It is not an easy process but not immpossible. you have to think logically and satrt working on it. If you are familer with any other language that sellenium support, write in that and run through selenium rc.

Best of luck
Posts : 5
Join date : 2009-08-31

Re: How to use Selenium IDE with tabular data and pagination?

on Thu Oct 01, 2009 6:54 pm

Thanks so much for your help.

I'll change my tests to use the logic that you described.So if to test tabular data is necessary in Selenium IDE there is no way unless a user extension, I understood. This kind of test can bed useful only in a controlled database.My goal now is use the IDE for after exports test to RC in ruby rspec format.
Do this only in the tests of RC is not so good for me.But I'll try the first solution in this time.

Thanks again!

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Re: How to use Selenium IDE with tabular data and pagination?

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