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Pass multiple test data record to run test suite recursively

on Thu Nov 01, 2012 7:08 pm
Hi there,

I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction on how to recursively run the same test suite by passing in a test file that contains multiple records that need to be executed. I'm fairly new to Selenium so here's where I am at.

I have a test suite that contains 3 test cases

One test case checks some data is present when search for. For the input box I use a parameter ${TestNumber}, this works fine.

Currently I have a test case that defines what TestNumber should be set to (actually 3 parameters)

This works but I'm sure it's not optimal, what I'd like to be able to achieve is

Have my 1 test suite

Have 1 test file that contains

Test 1,Param1,Param2,Param3

Test 2,Param1,Param2,Param3

Then be able to execute all together somehow. Can anyone out there help me on how to achieve this. Please note, I'm trying to use the IDE rather than having to write code or anything. I seem to recollect one of my ex-colleagues using an excel file or something but may be wrong.
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