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Nithya Iyappan
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wrong number of arguments provided in nunit

on Thu Feb 06, 2014 11:50 am
Developed testcase with Testcasesource in selenium using c#. After running the test case in the NUnit, It shows the error as "Wrong Number of arguments provided". And this is my test case code

[TestFixture] class testcases {

   static String[] exceldata= readdata("Inputdata.xls", "DATA", "TestCase1");

    public void Setup()
        //setupcode here

   [Test, TestCaseSource("exceldata")]
    public void Sample (String level,String Username,String password,String FirstName)
       //testcase code here


    public void TearDown()

The 4 values are retrieved and i can see the values in NUnit. But it shows the error as "Wrong number of arguments provided". Can anyaone please help?
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