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How to use Selenium commands(Selenese) to update results in HP ALM?

on Fri Aug 01, 2014 3:59 pm
Hey guys, 

I am wondering if you can help me with these two issues:

1) I am trying to update the results from Selenium into HP ALM and I am facing a problem when I try to launch the tests. 
I am using JUnit and even if the test should fail (ex: wrong username or wrong password inserted) , JUnit sees it as a passed test. (it fails only if it can't find the url).

How can I retrieve the good results that Selenium gives?  Is there a way that I can access Selenium classes/ methods in order to get the good results?(for not using the Asserts of JUnit).

2) I want to update the TestSteps into HP ALM also. I know that Selenium commands(Selenese) could be considered as TestSteps.
 Is there a way to get their results too ?

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