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selenium RC not able to choose a value in drop-down list which is build using ul tag...

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selenium RC not able to choose a value in drop-down list which is build using ul tag...

Post by shrutika on Sat Oct 11, 2014 7:18 pm

I am using selenium-RC for my automation with java (Eclipse Kepler) . I am facing some issues with a selection of a option in a drop down list which is not in select tag it is in span.

I want to test a page where their is a drop-down list for selection of city name. the drop-down appears only when I give some value e.g for "Bangalore" I have to type "ban" so the drop-down appears and then I select the city Bangalore either with "mouse click" or either with "down-arrow and enter key" but when I run my selenium rc script it fails after typing "ban" the drop-down doesn't appears. i tried using both xpath and id in select command,click command. I am stuck over here please please someone help me to solve this issue.I think it is dynamic and based on JavaScript functions.One more ..The next two drop down are depended on the first drop-down(i.e the second and third drop-down are hidden and first drop-down is shown by_default.) I am sending the link of page where i am trying to test script:

I tried using following commands:-
Code:" id=combobox", "value=BANGALORE");
w.type(" id=combobox", "value=BANGALORE");


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