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Running Selenium Test cases as JUnit tests using Command Line

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Running Selenium Test cases as JUnit tests using Command Line

Post by Harine on Sat Dec 04, 2010 9:47 am

I'm recording scripts in selenium IDE and exporting it as JUnit3 tests. In notepad I'm editing it as needed for Junit by removing unnecessary package and adding imports needed for Junit jar and saving it as *.java file. I start up the selenium Rc server. then I try running the .java test from command line. I encounter an exception in main thread. I'm not sure if I have set the classpath right.


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Re: Running Selenium Test cases as JUnit tests using Command Line

Post by Adviser on Sat Dec 11, 2010 1:09 pm


Then set the class path well with taking some help with tutorial on setting jdk and junit class path.

after setting class path well, try running the following code:

Note: classname and file name should be same


import com.thoughtworks.selenium.DefaultSelenium;
import com.thoughtworks.selenium.Selenium;

public class GoogleTest extends SeleneseTestCase
private Selenium browser;

public static void main(String arg[])
GoogleTest obj = new GoogleTest();


public void setUp()
browser = new DefaultSelenium("localhost",4444,"*iehta", "");


public void test1()



public void tear()

Best of luck.

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