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pass string variable from database in to variable and then insert into 3rd party website using selenium and click search button.

on Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:50 pm
We use a website which allows us to look up a vehicle registration.

Currently someone copies this from a database field into the form and then presses search. We do a huge volume of these on a daily basis so looking for time saving mechanisms.

Ideally the user would click a button in the database and then it auto searches for the registration.

However, the website is provided by a 3rd party, so we can not amend the code to acccept a utl parameter for example.

So my question is:-

would this be achieveable using browser automation such as selenium?
and would I be able to pass selenium a string variable for it to insert into a specific field?

The ultimate end use would be that: a user using or database crm system, would click a button, the registration number field is copied from the field on our database, then inserted into the correct field on the website and then the search button is pressed.

There may also be a requirement to log in to the website, but I have noticed that if you open up a second tab, the session remains open. The session closes though when you close the browser, meaning you have to log in the next time you open the site.

Our system is so I could work with that someho, with selenium?

Can this work or am I dreaming?
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