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Selenium IDE - contextMenu and doubleClick not working in smart gwt application

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Selenium IDE - contextMenu and doubleClick not working in smart gwt application

Post by saratdevineni on Sat Jul 24, 2010 12:24 am

Hi All,

We have a smart gwt application. You have a tree on the left hand pane
and user can double click nodes in the tree which opens a tab on the
right hand pane. We can either double click on the node or right click
on it which opens a contextMenu which has an "Edit" menu and which
user can click which opens the tab

I tried using Selenium IDE to automate this. I used the user-
extension.js and user-extension-ide.js supplied by the smart gwt 2.2
distribution in the Selenium IDE options.

doubleClick (locator) command doesn't work at all - it just donesnt give any errors but double-click action is not performed

contextMenu(locator) does work except that during playback, menu opens
at the wrong place rather than on the object identified by the locator
reference. Tried using contextMenuAt but no success

I used fireEvent (locator, "focus") to change the focus still didn't

Any Advice!

Thanks, Sarat


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Re: Selenium IDE - contextMenu and doubleClick not working in smart gwt application

Post by ashish on Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:22 pm


we are doing same with Ext-JS application and its working perfectly.

I hope this will help you too.Try this one:

First of all you require to change the location of your elements. Coz because components use generated ids. while recording your click in ExtJS-GWT application you have to change your target path.
at recording time if you notice it will be like : //a[@id='ext-gen66']/em/span/span
then go to target drop down where you will found one more option of "Xpath:Position" select it and see your new path will become like : //div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/ul/li[2]/a[2]/em/span/span

when you perform context menu you have to add 1 step manually. please make click on menu button then after made change according xpath:position(as described above) copy the target and insert the new command below it and set the command to contextmenu and paste the target.then record next click.


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