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couldn't able to run test in IE11

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couldn't able to run test in IE11

Post by madhav on Fri Feb 27, 2015 7:57 pm

hello friends,

     I couldn't able to run test on IE browser

     I am getting error "This is the initial start page for the WebDriver server."

    Can you guys please suggest to overcome the above issue.


       System.setProperty("", "F:\\IEDriverServer.exe");
         driver = new InternetExplorerDriver();

      above code works fine for chrome and firefox.

  Thanks in advance

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Re: couldn't able to run test in IE11

Post by l3l00 on Sat Feb 28, 2015 5:10 am

For the longest time, IE11 was not possible with Selenium expecially Webdriver. It was not until a few months ago that it had become possible, the reason for this being is because IE11 tacked on many new enhancements to make it still a very horrible browser. 

Here is a link to more documentation dealing with IE11:

Also, I tend to have IE driver break when I try and set its properties.
This is how I have IE setup in my setup method:
            driver = new InternetExplorerDriver(dPath + @"requiredPlugins\IEdriver\x86");//PATH where the IEDriver Server is present

Your code that you posted has F drive as the location of your IE Driver. I recommend that you create a folder in your automation project to hold the driver itself.

If you left the code as is, you lost the F drive or the automation scripts need to be ran on other computers besides your own, your scripts will eat it right out the door.

The dPath is just a cSharp thing I setup so it starts in the project no matter where the project is locally downloaded to.

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