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Need help in order to find out why web page is not completing loading data when opened with Selenium rc?

on Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:26 pm

I have a web page that is loading some large amount of data in a grid in approxm. 2 minutes. I login to the page manually and it opens without any error and data gets loaded in the grid in 2 minutes.

However when I am using Selenium Rc, the automation opens the page and login but the data does not get loaded in the grid even after 20 minutes of wait and the cursor keeps waiting. I have to finally close the browser.

I have verified from my side the following
-> The test case does not introduce any wait and it works fine when the dataset is small in size.
-> I set selenium.set_timeout to a large value but that also did not help

Any pointers will be of great help?

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