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[Help] Problem of Using Selenium IDE Testing with SmartGWT Application

on Wed Apr 06, 2011 3:53 pm
I have created a sample SmartGWT application. I have some fields like First Name, Last Name and Email Id. I am validating Email Id. If i am not entering the Email Id, An Error icon occurs near by the Email Id filed with tooltip message. Saying that Entered Email Id is invalid.

Now i am using Selenium IDE and Record the Validation. Selenium IDE generates a Testcase.

When i run the testcase with the help of the Selenium IDE, This launches the browser and all the fields are appeared with the recorded values. Here i have entered the invalid email id value. But, The error icon is not displayed in the page. But The Selenium Reporting says that Test Case Runs successfully.

Why Error icon is not displayed in the page When it is tested by Selenium IDE?(running as testcase by Selenium IDE). But when i run the application normally without using Selenium IDE, I am able to get the Error Icon for invalid email Id value. Please help me.
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