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How to recognize the pop up window during running script Empty How to recognize the pop up window during running script

on Wed Mar 28, 2012 11:50 pm
Hi all,

I create a script by recording a pop window in selenium ide. But when I run the script the pop up window is recognized.

Here is my senario:

I login to the application. I click on a link it opens a pop up window. There is a option to save the window, after save the window I click a link on the window which opens 2nd pop up window( to upload a document). After close the 2nd pop up window I am on the 1st pop up window.">" xml:lang="en" lang="en">">

New Test
New Test
open /ABC/login.jsf
type username
type password joe123
clickAndWait btn_login
click nvimenu-8-label
click link= Room
waitForPopUp _new 30000
selectWindow _new
type veridationRoom:roomName Room1
clickAndWait veridationRoom:j_id14
click //form[@id='docListForm']/table[1]/tbody/tr/td/a[1]/img
waitForPopUp uploadDoc 30000
selectWindow uploadDoc
type picture C:UsersDesktoptest.doc
click //input[@value='Upload']
clickAndWait docForm:j_id18
selectWindow _new
selectWindow null
clickAndWait //a[@id='j_id6:Logout']/span

It is recording well. But when I run the script 2nd pop up window is not recognized by selenium ide.

Environment: Firefox3.0 and selenium ide 1.0.10

Can any body give me solution. Thanks.

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