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Selenium on IIS with Tight Security - How To? Empty Selenium on IIS with Tight Security - How To?

on Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:57 pm
Is it possible to run C# asp .net selenium tests on an IIS server with tight security? The tests will be run remotely. I have tried but keep getting this webdriver error:

"System.InvalidOperationException: Unexpected error launching Internet Explorer. Could not get document from Window Handle(No Such Driver)"
I have tried a couple of different approaches and am unable to get past this error.

I have setup the webdriver server and included its location in the PATH varaible.

I do not have java on the IIS server. Should I just install java so I can run this standalone server or is there a alternative standalone server out there for IIS?

This solution with the stand alone server seems to be what I need but I can't run the .jar file.
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