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Selenium Parametrization Empty Selenium Parametrization

on Tue Apr 13, 2010 2:39 am
Hi guys,
I would like to ask you about parametrisation in Selenium, but i'll
start from beginning.
1) When i was making test cases i put some essential data into
variables (eg. user id, passes, other numbers)
2) As testsuite expanded i used include command for including separate
file containing these variables into each testcase
3) Everything was working under IDE and RC
but now i've decieded that it could be useful not to include file (in
terms of including separate lines into testcase) but to include it in
background rg. from XML file.
I have worked some time on two of selenium user extensions -
"include" and "data driven" and prepared another one that can include
values from xml and store them as variables ins selenium.
source code is here:
XML file should look like this:


and everything is working OK - meaning:
1) when i start selenium IDE it is loading variables and i can use
them throughout whole test suite.
2) i can oveerwrite variables and assign new value
3) it is WAY much faster than using ordinary include command
4) there is a option called "WczytajZmienne" that enables me to
include another file during test suite
If i try to use it under selenium RC, there are some problems and RC
doesn't see my variables all the time - i supose that Selenium RC is
working like this :
- load testsuite
- load test case (and clear all other stuff)
and by the way it clears variables located in memory.
So there is qestion to you guys. How can i solve this problem ?
i see some options but i have compeletly no idea how to make them
- first is: Add additional "command" into "load test case" so as it
will load these variables (but duno where to find it and how to put
- second: Define some kind of HARD VARIABLE that can be easily used
in selenium - via ${variable_name} -> i know that i just can declare
variable in script, but than it will requires me to use some
sophisticated expressions to use them in selenium, and i want it nice,
sharp and beautiful Smile
i'm realy counting on your help.
than u in advance
and best regards
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Selenium Parametrization Empty Re: Selenium Parametrization

on Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:43 am
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Selenium Parametrization Empty Re: Selenium Parametrization

on Tue Mar 29, 2011 9:24 pm
No matter what framework you are using, Junit or TestNG both provides parameterization. The only difference is Junit provides it as class level, meaning only one method of the call can be parameterized while TestNG provides it at method level, mean different method of the same class can be parameterized.

see the following post that might help u .
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Selenium Parametrization Empty Re: Selenium Parametrization

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