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Rules And Regulations Empty Rules And Regulations

on Thu Jul 30, 2009 12:57 pm
In furtherance of the registration guidelines for 'Selenium forum' as a new user, We aim to promote decent, constructive and positive discussion, allowing participants to share their knowledge and learning from others experience in using selenium tool . We encourage participants to make this so and any assistance we as moderators can offer we will gladly provide.

Complete Policies

1. All articles posted must include a working URL link and the person posting these should also include their own comments and state what they wish to be discussed, especially in posts that start a new thread. Any posts without these requirements will be removed.

2. We request and encourage members that instead of cutting and pasting very long articles, that they only paste the relevant parts of the article and then provide the link to the whole article.

3. All threads (other than folders) that are posted must have a clear discussion or exchange of views value. We discourage topics, which do not achieve this and/or do not have any purpose.

4. No post or thread shall be allowed that is for the express purpose of picking fights with other members, and/or name other participants in this regard.

5. No topic that has an indecent, clearly offensive, misleading or provocative title shall be allowed. These forums are meant for positive, meaningful and decent discussion.

6. Foul language will not be tolerated. Any use of bad language or profanity will be edited. Repeated use of such language may lead to a member being banned.

7.Posts containing defamation of, or insults to religious figures, holy books, beliefs and practices of any religion will not be tolerated. Any posts that contain these will be deleted outright and further action may be taken by admin against members posting such material.

8. Any post containing language insulting and derogatory to another member’s family and relatives will be deleted outright.

9. Multiple nicks - We do take notice of people using multiple nicks. Though in general we tolerate this, those who keep multiple nicks must not use them for any adverse purpose. Any adverse usage of multiple nicks in the opinion of the moderators will result in action being taken by admin.

10. Broadly speaking, topics opened for a discussion on a particular topic should stick to discussion on that or any directly related topic. Posts that are irrelevant or meant to derail a discussion will be deleted.

Folders - We encourage the opening of folders where members can post articles and news items on a particular topic of their interest. These are not meant for discussion but as a repository of information that can be referred to in any other discussion thread. Members should seek the advice of the forum moderators when opening new folder threads. We request that members follow a standard format when starting a new folder. This should include: -
- Stating at the beginning of the thread title that the thread is a FOLDER followed by the topic title.
- Then please state the month and year you are posting.
e.g. ‘FOLDER’ - …topic title…, (10/2002)
- All articles posted in a folder must include a working link. Any ‘dead’ links may be edited.


These duties are the sole responsibility of the forum moderators and will be carried out according to their discretion.
We set no limit as to how many posts a thread can run, and ordinarily topics will not be closed, when they have reached a high post count. Unless we decide that the topic quality does not merit it, and/or forum rules are being violated and the topic has been derailed.
Repetitive topics will be closed at the moderator's discretion.
Similarly closing of threads, which deal with the same issue, and/or similar topics will be closed.
Moderators will decide which topics belong in other forums and transfer them accordingly.
Polls - Only moderators have the ability to launch or to modify polls. Members will contact the moderators via PM, if they wish to start a new poll.
The moderators will implement these on a case to case basis according to their own discretion.
These forums will be carefully monitored, however for any abuse or breach of these policies, or you feel that a posted message is objectionable, and for any comments, please feel free to e-mail: You can also e-mail the forum moderators, if you wish. We will make every effort to deal with your query, within a reasonable time frame. This is your forum and if there is any query or complaint that you have, please feel free to contact us.

* Note – Participants are requested to use the internal Private Messaging (PM) system or e-mail the forum moderators, if they have any questions on policy and administrative decisions taken by the moderators. The forums are only meant for dedicated discussions set out in the forum descriptions.
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