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Integrating jQuery with Selenium Empty Integrating jQuery with Selenium

on Sat Feb 02, 2013 3:45 am
I am trying to integrate jQuery with Selenium. Therefore, I have to drag and drop the jQury library into the seleneium server jar file. So, first I have to unzip the jar file. When I tried to unzip, it says some of the license files cannot be extracted. The reason is because in one of the folders in the jar there's a folder name called "LICENSE" and a file name called "license". So, when i try to extract in Windows, Windows doesn't like a file and a folder with the same name. How can I resolve this problem? After I drop the jQuery library into the unzipped jar, then zip it and convert it back into a jar file, the resulting new jar file will be without those license files. Will the Selenium Server jar file work, then? Thank you
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