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Nithya Iyappan
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Data Provider for test methods using C# Empty Data Provider for test methods using C#

on Tue Feb 04, 2014 1:01 pm
I developed test cases with data provider that reads data from excel sheet using testng in java.And this is my coding

public Object[][] DP1() throws Exception{
Object[][] retObjArr=getTestData("Data/InputData.xls",
     "DataPool", "Datalevel1");

@Test(dataProvider = "DP1",description="")
public void STP001_CHSClaimStatusbyname(String applnURL,String UserName ,String Password,String FirstName)throws Exception {
   //some test code  

Now I need to change this coding in c#. I already written getTestData method and it returns the excel data but dont know how to access in my test case with dataprovider. Can anyone please help?
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