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How to pass the data to the @Test method with using @DataProvider Empty How to pass the data to the @Test method with using @DataProvider

on Mon Apr 28, 2014 1:23 pm
Hi All,

I read the data from Excel sheet in data provider and return it an object, but while passing the data to the @ Test method i have to pass all the column names,Suppose if 30 columns are there in Sheet i have to pass 30 parameters in Test method, it's a hectic if columns will increase in Excel sheet,

how i have to pass the data to the @ Test method without declare all the parameters name in @ Test Method name it self.

My Code,

@ DataProvider(name="test2")
public Object[][] testData() throws Exception{

Object[][] testObjArray = getExcelData("D:\\Test_Data\\Testdata.xls","Sheet1 ");
return testObjArray;


@ Test(dataProvider="test2")
public void testMethod(String parameter1, String parameter2,
String parameter3, String parameter4, String parameter5,
String parameter6) throws Exception {


In the above test method, i passed 6 parameters because in Excel sheet 6 columns are available, if i didnt pass any single parameter it throws exception.
Is there any possibility to directly pass as a list or any other solution.

Am using Selenium Webdriver+Java+TestNG

Please help me.

Thanks in Advance,
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