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Command Selenium.isElementPresent freezes the selenium server Empty Command Selenium.isElementPresent freezes the selenium server

on Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:23 pm
One of the user face problem using isElementPresent command. His problem are as follows:

"command selenium.isElementPresent("link=logout") is working fine with firefox
but I have to use IE7 for my AUT.When I use isElementPresent("link=logout")
command with IE7 many time(Not always) selenium server gets freez and not
getting response till 30 to 40mins."


I think your element is dynamic which changes it value every time you run it or you have used waitforpageToLoad command before this so that it will wait for a long time.

Try to use xpath for it and dont't use wait if ur using it. Hope this will help you.

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