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Current version tutorial for just creating a browser instance - Visual Studio Empty Current version tutorial for just creating a browser instance - Visual Studio

on Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:47 am

This should be as simple as can be, but I fail to do this. Could someone provide me instructions how to create current version web browser using Visual Studio. I have Selenium code that works, but as soon as I try to update a component, I get 404s and Marionette handle failure and timeouts and similar stuff all over the place.

So requirements:

  • Has to work with Visual Studio 2017
  • Has to use current (not any "in January 2015 it worked like this but since then blah blah blah"-systems) versions
  • Has to work 100% without any "timeout 60 second reached, so entire system crashed"-issues
  • Has to create a browser

I'm not interested in any unit testing. I'm not interested in getting instructions how to navigate, modify, search, click or anything else. Just create the browser reliably.

In code level this is most likely way less than 20 lines. The code can essentially be just:

IWebDriver newdriver = new FirefoxDriver(); //This could be changed to Chrome. Or Opera. Or Internet Explorer. Or anything.
It can be C#. It can be VB.Net. It can not be Java.

The actual issue here is that what should I use. So provide a list of components I need to download, they need to be the current versions.

(edit. With "current" I mean last released stable versions, it doesn't have to work with any betas etc. but the point is that I don't want to use any three year old Firefoxes etc.)
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