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please help me with the procedure to know the router stat Empty please help me with the procedure to know the router stat

on Fri Feb 01, 2019 7:09 pm
Hi,  could you please say how to login to the router automatically using selenium ide to my router status page.
Now , if i have to do , i have to login to my router page and then give username and password etc in the frame that is popping and then to go to the router status page.
Otherwise, i have to use telnet , router page ip and then when it brings new cmd screen ,hs to provide the admin and then my user pw to get the dollar sign and then issue show status to get.
i think that selenium ide coule be used to automate logins.
i have not asked for any hacking of other things.
i just want to automate a selenium script to do . i am newbie to programming.
What i am using is the selenium ide for firefox as add on
i could bring the initial screen and also the base url.
but i get when play, invalid url
but that is the router page url that i log on when opening router page thro url
Moreover , the new selenium , on running does not show any green arrow mark , unlike the previous version when supported by firefox a few years ago.
How to access commands , which were given on right clicking anywhere, but not coming up now, lilke assert etc.
any help in this regard would be welcome.
if you give me the way, of which way to go , i will proceed.
i have been using gmail log in with the previous version of selenium ide when supported totally by firefox
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